how to block a seller on ebay

Отговор 1:

Ebay now has a new tool called “Seller’s Hub” To get there, go to the top of your Ebay page and click the word “SELL”

This will take you to the Hub

There are 5 headings that take you to different areas. Click OVERVIEW. Scroll down and you will see a link that says BLOCK BIDDERS Click this link. Add the user name you would like to block, click ADD and you’re done. Note: Use this tool sparingly as sometimes people can be challenging customers, but will buy again when you give them good Customer Service. You never want to discourage people who will buy your items.

Отговор 2:

You can not block sellers, you can only block bidders or buyers from bidding or buying your items. As for sellers, simply don't buy or bid on anything from that specific seller, if this seller is sending you messages that may be inappropriate, you can report them to eBay directly.

Отговор 3:

You can’t block a seller, only a buyer, but some eBayers add the IDs of bad sellers to their Blocked Bidder Lists anyway.

They may be using this as a method of remembering the names of sellers they don’t ever want to deal with again.

Отговор 4: